Switchbelt - A Unique Belt to Amplify Your Style.
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Switchbelt - A Unique Belt to Amplify Your Style.


A belt has become a must have fashion accessory for both men and women. Today belts come with various kinds of buckles and prints. A simple change of a belt or buckle can drastically improve a person’s style quotient. A good belt has come to define a man and it can add a spark to a girls fashion meter.

Belts have been traditionally used to hold together trousers but in the recent past they have become a must have fashion accessory. A good belt can define your personality. There are various different types of belts.

So what is a switchbelt?

A switchbelt is a belt that can have interchangeable belts and buckles. You can create your own style by simply changing the belts and buckle. You will love coordinating your red t-shirt with a yellow colored switch belt and a yellow transparent buckle or a blue t-shirt with a purple colored switch belt. These switch belts come at a standard size of 46 inches and 1.25 inches wide. One simply needs to cut the belt to make it fit to his waist size. This is especially a cool innovation if you are going through a weight loss phase as you can adjust the size of your belt according to your decreasing waistline.

Switch belts are particularly very convenient and trendy to use while playing golf as you won’t have to tuck your shirt after every swing of the golf club. These belts are especially good for a smart,sporty and casual look. All buckles cost only $6.95 and the belts are moderately priced at $29.95. Check out switchbelt.com for more details on pricing and products.

Advantages of using switchbelt:

  • These belts are made of thermoplastic resin which is a bio degradable green plastic and it’s a good pick if you are environmentally conscious.
  • The belts don’t wear out after continued use.
  • A very varied list of colors for belts and buckles throws up a wide combination of looks for your everyday attire.
  • The belts are very light as no metal is used.
  • You can simply throw these belts in a dishwasher and clean them as it has no metal in it.

Although the belts are very convenient to use you will notice that the belts are not exactly suitable to wear for official meetings. The overall casual look of the belt makes it unsuitable to be used in formal occasions. The shipping charges are $7 for the first belt.

Conclusion : I would strongly recommend switchbelts as a great fashion accessory and definitely worth a buy.

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Comments (1)

I actually have several belts at home like fabric and leather belts. This is a unique belt which should be tried for those who want to wear belts with added style and fashion.

Thank you for this informative and useful article. Tweeted and shared to social networking sites.